Sanele Mthembu

Founder of Ubukhosi Tours

Your content is great and has been consistent. A lot of people will be able to relate more and engage more with it. You have shown your transition in your videos by being authentic and that will inspire people to not be fake or pretend for others. You keep on growing and that is important. Remember to keep producing your content because as you know it's not about you, but about the people. I have loved your content due to it mostly being yourself (authentic!). I can't wait to see you speaking in different venues and stages. 


Yumi is a charismatic and ambitious young lady. Her content is refreshing and connotes positivity, healthy energy, and an abundance of inspiring words to uplift anyone having a bad day. Content is relevant and upbeat. Perfect for gigs surrounding motivation and personal growth.

Mandilakhe Mbatsha


Very unique approach to blogging and the content is definitely not what you used to! Different, interesting LOVE IT!! Look forward to seeing the growth in your writing and content skills as you get better

Nash Singh

Founder of Nash Records & FFS Media

No truer words have been spoken!!!! 
Such inspirational writing with so many amazing and valid points. Definitely one of the best I have seen till this day! Keep writing, inspiring and showcasing this unique and wonderful perspective to the world!

Naima Esau

Professional Hair Stylist

I love how honest you are and I can feel that you always talking straight from that big heart of yours. Keep doing what you do because you so good at it. You truly inspire me and remind to be kind. Love your work.

Jacqueline Jaafar

Founder of Salam Through Oils

I would like to begin by thanking Yumna. Thank you for making the world a lot brighter and a happier place. Every day that I see a new video posted by you or any post you share is a good day. You are so beyond inspirational. The words you speak and the messages you share with us are always so relatable and true. You have such a beautiful and contagious energy and it radiates every where you go. Yumna, you are one of the sweetest and strongest women I know. Your beautiful soul is so contagious and motivates me daily. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.
Jacqueline Ali Jaafar

Shameema Mayat

Yumi. You are doing such amazing things and such an inspiration to all. I love reading your captions and watching your videos. They always come at just the right time and let one know that whatever the circumstances, you are doing good and to never give up! I LOVE your content and you are always encouraging the reader to do better and make one feel better. Wishing you the absolute best in all your future endeavours. Sending lots of love your way xx

Daniel Smitsdorp

There's so many negative people in this world. Love your positivity, it's contagious. Keep it up.

Theo Stofile

Motivational Speaker

First of all, you are a phenomenal woman! And secondly, I feel more people should know the importance of helping each other. Caring about each other and loving each other. The pursuit of our dreams is a long hard road already and I don't think people really understand how much it means to someone when they know that there is somebody else shouting for them, hoping that they will truly achieve their dreams.

Tamryn Clarence


Yumi is certainly a point of light in this world, which is consistently displayed throughout her authentic and refreshing content. Her high-energy and affable nature can draw in the attention of anyone, and creates a clear understanding of her pursuit to add value to the lives of others. Her efforts never fall short of being intentional and effective. Yumi’s ability to think independently and creatively allows her to communicate in a way that is always purposeful and sophisticated.

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