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Why should you give compliments?

Today I would like to speak about compliments and why I feel like giving compliments is so important. I have always been shy when it came to giving compliments as well as receiving them. But as I grew up- I became better at it. If there is a friend or stranger out there that looks amazing in their outfit or is doing really well with whatever amazing thing or things they are working on- send them a message, give them a call, etc. You have no idea how far a compliment can go in someone’s life and change their whole life.

There are people out there that have bad anxiety with where their life is going and what they envision for their future. A simple little compliment can go a long way and change that for a person and give them new hope :) A lot of times, we see some people out there that envy other people for what they have in their life and having the courage to make things happen in their life. Instead of being envious why not magnify their strengths and not their weaknesses? Let’s uplift each other and be happy for each other! You can learn so much from people and let’s have our friends be an inspiration for us.

Also I would like to send a shout out to those girls out there who smile at and compliment other girls. We need more of those lovely Boss Ladies out there! Remember it’s the most simplest of things that make a difference. Always remember to not be afraid to be bold, lead the way, and always be sure to look up to each other, and aspire to be something greater. No dream is TOO BIG or UNREALISTIC!

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