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When Does Positive Thinking Become Harmful?

My new SWAAY article 📰 is up and it’s titled:⁣

💡 “When Does Positive Thinking Become Harmful?” 💡 ⁣

This is a topic that I have always wanted to talk about. ⁣

It’s something that I have felt like it was kind of bad to speak about and negative within itself. But actually it isn’t. It’s always good to see ideas and concepts from different points of view to truly grasp the deeper message. ⁣

Positive thinking is something that is at the core of what I teach and coach about, however there is a fine line where positivity can turn into toxic positivity if you’re not careful. ⁣

Negative experiences and thoughts are a natural part of life. It cannot always be on the up. The important part is knowing how to deal with it and realising that coming face to face with these negative experiences and thoughts is vital for the healing process to begin and for you to get back up again; otherwise they just sit at the back of your mind and weigh you down subconsciously. ⁣