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Surface Level vs Real Friendships

Today I would like to share with you my thoughts on the differences between surface level friendships and real friendships. I have been learning a lot lately on this subject and I thought I would share my take on friendships.

Too many times in our society, we get caught up in friendships that are not real, but a lot of times- we have difficulty discerning who is real and who is not. Lots of people today are walking around with masks on their faces. I guess you could say that in our society today- people are too afraid of commitment even in friendships. Similar to what Jay Shetty said- We want the facade of a friendship without the work of a friendship. Hard times will always reveal who your true friends are. Your environment is truly everything and you become who you surround yourself with. Be aware!

I will end off with a question that I learnt the other day from Trent Shelton’s seminar- “If all you had to offer was friendship- who would still be around?” Thank you once again to all of my followers for always supporting me and encouraging me to do more and grow more. I appreciate it greatly. And if you haven’t already- please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel- Oh Yes It’s Yumi

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