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Festive Gift From Me To You

It’s nearly the end of 2020 and what a year it has been!

I thought what a better way to end off the year than with a special gift 🎁 for my followers, friends, and family. *Scroll down for gift link.*

We all know that when a New Year approaches, we start to think about all of our goals that we want to accomplish in order to make our dreams a reality. 🌈

Something that I’ve been thinking about recently when it comes to goals is, “Why do most people not achieve their New Year’s Resolutions/Goals?” According to Inc. Magazine, “Studies show that about*60 percent*of us make *New Year’s resolutions* each year - sadly, only about *8 percent* of us achieve them.”

There could be many reasons for this, but something that stood out to me as I thought about it is perhaps a lot of people are not really inspired by their goals. Maybe it’s just a task that we feel like we need to do. Or maybe the excitement of a “New Year, New Me” thought puts us in the “setting goals gear” but then quickly wears off come February of the New Year.

I sometimes like to take a deeper look into things and I feel like when it comes to goal setting - we focus too much on setting *surface level goals.* Instead, we should be focusing on setting *goals that fill our SOUL.*

*Goals that fill your soul* - uplift, empower, and inspire you. They have deeper feelings attached to them. These goals are linked to your deeper purpose in life. They are in alignment with your values. And it’s because of this, that your chances of achieving this goal is significantly higher than Surface level goals. 😃

As my Festive Season gift 🎁 from me to you, I have prepared a complimentary *”Goals With Soul Workbook”.*This workbook helps you set goals that make your soul shine 🌞 . I have also integrated this soulful goal with the use of SMART goals, therefore allowing you to take action upon your soulful goal.


Have an absolutely amazing Festive Season and New Year’s 🎇🎊🎉🎁

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