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Create your own playbook- Why copying and pasting a successful person's success plan might not work

There is a saying that goes "You do what they do and you say what they say and you will get what they get every single time." This is a quote that I heard a few years ago pertaining to if you want to become successful. They say that if you want to become successful- follow someone that is really successful and do exactly what they do step by step and you will get what they get. However I read something the other day that made me think differently about this quote.

All of us are unique and have our own amazing strengths and we come from different circumstances which means that we need to make/create our playbook incorporating our unique strengths and circumstances to become successful. Yes don't get me wrong that the highly successful people that we look up to have great tips on how to become successful, but if we were to merge what successful people do and say with our own playbook that incorporates our strengths and circumstances- we will make great things happen in our life and become successful. And also remember- that everybody has their own definition of what success is.

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