Motivational Speaker

What is a motivational speaker and what is my speaker style?

A motivational speaker is someone who makes speeches intended to inspire or motivate an audience. Such speakers may attempt to challenge the or transform their audiences. A motivational speaker helps the audience to think in new ways and overcome challenges by accessing the wisdom within.


I have a passion for helping people and for making a difference in people’s lives through public speaking and mentoring.

My high energy and enthusiasm allows my audience to be fully engaged during my speeches. I love being vulnerable with my audience, being transparent, sharing my failures, and my downfalls, which allows a lot of people to relate to me. I am a great storyteller and I absolutely love sharing my journey and inviting the audience in on my journey when I speak.

I have a passion for inspiring people to see beyond their weaknesses and showing them how they can turn their weaknesses into their ultimate strengths. I thoroughly enjoy making a meaningful impact on my audience. 

My quirky attitude that I bring into my speeches allows the audience to laugh along and stay engaged. I am also very creative in which I bring normal concepts across in creative ways. My creativity usually fuses with my quirkiness to bring all types of messages across in unique ways.

I like to challenge the norm and encourage people to think in different ways. Out of the box thinking is something that I try to bring into all of my speeches to encourage people to think for themselves and have those epiphanies.

I am also very generous and transparent with how openly I share information to people. I believe that through being completely transparent and vulnerable about my journey allows the audience to connect with me on a deeper level and vice versa. I urge my audience to never cower and walk away from their challenges but rather access their personal power to face whatever comes their way with courage. My goal is to leave the room feeling empowered, motivated and equipped with the right tools to help them along their personal and or professional journey. 

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