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what can a speaker coach do for you?

I never thought in a million years that I would ever be able to do public speaking. I was extremely shy growing up and I couldn't even order food for myself in the mall because I was too afraid to speak to anyone. However, I started to step out of my comfort zone through doing public speaking even though I wasn't good in the beginning and I am grateful to have become very good at it. It has taught me so much.

I am a member of the Toastmasters club which teaches you how to do public speaking and become a better communicator and leader. I learnt a lot through members mentoring me and me mentoring others within Toastmasters on how to become an amazing public speaker. 

I just was chosen by TEDX Cape Town to be a Speaker Coach for the speakers at the TEDX Cape Town main event in 2021.

I decided with everything that I have learnt about public speaking and doing it that I wanted to help other people do it too. To me public speaking goes deeper than just standing in front of a crowd and speaking. It teaches you confidence, how to be a great leader, communicator, and develops a strong mindset. This confidence then has a domino effect in your life in which it opens up doors of opportunity for you in your life.

I can teach you all of the techniques that I learnt on how to be a great public speaker and how to use your nervous energy to your advantage to convey your message. I truly do believe that what makes a great public speaker is the ability to tell a story with authenticity and inspire someone to think in a different way which helps elevate their life.

My style of speaker coaching is very hands on and I encourage my clients to speak in front of me so that I can help them with their body language, their message, vocal variety, amongst many other things. It truly becomes a very helpful and fun process when doing speaker coaching with my clients.

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